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We Make Awesome Nutrient Dense Sauces. 

Every Bottle Contains a Cup of Spinach, Carrots & Butternut Squash. 

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Ketchup made wit spinach , carrots and butternut squash. Half the sugar of leading brands. The healthiest ketchup on the market.

True Made Ketchup

Ketchup with Benefits

True Made Ketchup takes out the corn syrup and adds spinach, carrots and butternut squash instead. All the taste of regular ketchup, but half the sugar of leading brands. Your kids will never know the difference.

Sold in Cases of 6

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True Made BBQ Sauce is the only BBQ Sauce long on nutrition and short on ingredients. Made from vegetables. The healthiest BBQ Sauce there is.

True Made BBQ Sauce

A Better BBQ Sauce.

Long on nutrition and taste and short on ingredients, True Made BBQ Sauce is vegetable based, made from tomatoes, spinach, carrots and butternut squash. Award winnng flavor and half the sugar of leading brands, it’s safe to say: the BBQ is back! #BBQisBack

Sold in Cases of 6

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Vegetables + Sriracha = Veracha. The only Paleo and vegetable based hot sauce!

Veracha Hot Sauce

Veracha Hot Sauce

Vegetables + Sriracha = Veracha! The only vegetable based and paleo sriracha hot sauce, our Veracha is almost 100% vegetables offering you so much more than just heat!

Paleo Certified.

Sold in Cases of 6

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True Made Foods 3-Pack of Awesome Sauces

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True Made Foods 3-Pack

Buy or gift one of each of our Awesome Vegetable-Based Sauces!

There’s a sauce for everyone in the family!

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