Vegetable BBQ Sauce 6 Unit Case

Vegetable BBQ Sauce 6 Unit Case


Try our delicious, Paleo Friendly revamp of a smokey Kansas City Classic.

What’s so different?  We added vegetables to it, specifically carrots, squash and spinach. The vegetables naturally sweeten our BBQ Sauce, allowing us to eliminate the corn syrup and drastically reduce the amount of brown sugar! The vegetables also bring needed nutrition to this American backyard essential. True Made BBQ Sauce is the only BBQ Sauce with potassium, protein, Vitamin K and Iron! We turned an empty-calorie American staple into paleo, nutrient-dense super food.

What else is different?  This is hands down the healthiest BBQ sauce on the market. Our BBQ sauce has half the calories of all the major brands and 25%-50% less sugar. You no longer have to choose between amazing barbecue ribs and giving your family diabetes. The BBQ is Back!!

This case pack comes with 6 (18 oz net wt) bottles.

Single bottles available online at Amazon.

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