Vegetable Ketchup 6 Unit Case

Vegetable Ketchup 6 Unit Case


Ketchup is back and better than ever. True Made Ketchup is a Paleo Friendly Ketchup in a category all by itself.

What’s so different? We added vegetables to it, specifically carrots, butternut squash and spinach. We turned an empty-calorie American staple into nutrient-dense, paleo, super food. Naturally sweetened by our vegetables, True Made Ketchup has 50% of the added sugar of most other brands!

What else is amazing? The taste. True Made Ketchup tastes like Ketchup is supposed to taste. We challenge you to find a kid who doesn't love our ketchup :)

True Made Ketchup is healthier than even the most pretentious gourmet brand, but has that American ketchup flavor you know and love.

This case pack comes with 6 (18 oz net wt) bottles.

Single bottles available online at Amazon.

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