CEO & Founder

Abraham (Abe) Kamarck

Abe was born in Washington DC and grew up in Virginia, Brooklyn and Maryland before attending Vanderbilt on an NROTC scholarship. After graduation, he served eight years as a Navy Helicopter pilot, deploying on counter-narcotics missions and for OIF. He spent his last tour in England where Abe earned his MBA from the London Business School and was introduced to impact entrepreneurship. This experience prompted Abe leave the Navy and start a seven year adventure in emerging markets as an impact entrepreneur. He spent time in Bulgaria, Ghana, Egypt and China and even lived with his family in Qatar for three years. A sucker for challenges, Abe worked in difficult environments on "wicked" problems like migrant worker housing and funding startups in the Middle East. Along the way, he launched various ventures from fun websites like to more difficult ones like building greenhouse farms in the desert. In 2013, Abe returned to the DC area and was hired by the Coexist Foundation to develop and launch Coexist Coffee. Launching the coffee taught Abe the food business and married his two biggest passions - food and entrepreneurship. Raised on a mix of Southern Italian, Southern Virginian and Central American culinary traditions, Abe is an avid cook and self-proclaimed grill master. A father of four, he is passionate about real food, healthy lifestyles, rugby and coaching his kids' football and basketball. 

Favorite Sauce

Veracha for me. Ketchup for my kids.

Favorite Meal

In my humble opinion, Hot Wings / Buffalo Wings are hands down the greatest American culinary invention ever. The hotter the better. Our Veracha sauce can make some d**n good wings as well.


Chief Operating Officer

Karen Minato

Karen joined True Made Foods in April 2017, bringing over 20 years of Food and Beverage Operations, Distribution, and Strategy expertise from such organizations as PepsiCo and Gallo Wines.  A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Karen holds an MBA in Marketing from Boston College and a BS in Operations Management from Boston University.  Through her work with Junior League and Girl Scouts Karen is committed to developing opportunities for underserved and at-risk youth.  Karen enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor adventures, and cooking with True Made Foods products.

Favorite Sauce

Vegetable BBQ Sauce (with fresh carrots)

Favorite Meal

I am a vegetable and dairy fanatic, and love experimenting with greens and cheeses.  My current favorite recipe is a watermelon and arugula salad with orzo and feta cheese served along side BBQ chicken.


North East Territory Manager/National Event Coordinator

Vanessa Jaikaran

Vanessa, a bronx native, is an experienced territory manager with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. She's skilled in advertising, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) with a Bachelor's degree focused in Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager from Institute of Culinary Education.

Favorite Sauce

True Made Foods BBQ sauce!

Favorite Meal

Such a hard question to answer, since I consider myself a "foodie" but also bbq fanatic.  Favorite go-to food would be anything on the grill, from grilled veggies to slow cooked brisket.

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Mid-West Territory Manager

Debbie Stark

Debbie has extensive experience representing brands in all capacities. Debbie was also a stay-at-home mom for most of her life, working as a brand ambassador as a side job, until she found True Made Foods. Debbie started working for True Made Foods as a brand ambassador in New York's Hudson Valley and did such an amazing job and was so passionate about the products, that she kept gaining more and more responsibility. Recently her husband's job relocated her to Minnesota and we decided to use the opportunity to have Debbie evangelize True Made Foods in the Mid-West. A native New Yorker, this is the first time Debbie has lived out of state and she drove to Minnesota with two teenagers, three dogs and two cats! But she is doing a fantastic job and is quickly becoming as popular in the Mid-West as she was in New York.

Favorite Sauce

I love them all! But if  I had to choose, it would be the BBQ.

Favorite Meal



South-East Territory Manager

Tucker Bates

Tucker’s childhood in Western NC’s national forests, love of food and cooking, and time studying biology at Davidson College inspired his interest in nutrition and food systems. Now, with an appreciation for whole foods and real, natural flavor honed by two seasons as a farm manager and years of work throughout the restaurant industry, he’s eager to help spread True Made Foods’ tasty, nutritious sauces across the Southeast.

Favorite Sauce

Ketchup. I eat it with everything – now guilt-free!

Favorite Meal

Really simple chorizo food truck tacos – sadly, a sans-TMF-ketchup meal.