our mission

True Made Foods was founded by a dad who loved his grill but hated the unhealthy food that came with a great cookout. The founder, Abe, knew that good cookouts and BBQ didn’t have to be unhealthy. His meals were mostly vegetables and quality cuts of meat or fish. The problem was the condiments and sauces that his kids insisted on pouring over his carefully crafted meals.

Conventional Ketchup, BBQ Sauce and Sriracha are each loaded with sugar and likely the most sugar-dense products in the average refrigerator. Each of these standard sauces has more sugar per ounce than ice cream and most bbq sauces have more sugar per serving than a glazed donut!

So what is a dad to do?

Make a better ketchup…

True Made Foods is founded on a very simple food philosophy: cut the refined and artificial sweeteners out of your diet and replace them with real veggies.

Less Sugar. More Veggies.

Serving American Families

At True Made Foods we get it. We all want to serve fresh and carefully crafted meals every night. But let’s face it, who has time? On a Wednesday night after fighting traffic and having to squeeze dinner between practices and music lessons, sometimes you just have to throw chicken nuggets and peas at the kids. And sometimes, no matter how painstakingly you’ve prepared the perfect meal…the little ones just want to pour ketchup all over it!

That’s why we created True Made Foods.

Now when they’re pouring on the ketchup…they’re pouring on veggies!

Boosting Vegetable Farmers

Our products use undersized and “ugly” fruits and vegetables that our farmer’s puree and sell to us for our sauces. By using these “ugly” fruits and veggies in our sauces we hope to create extra income streams for vegetable farmers, making the practice more profitable and encouraging more vegetable farming. Currently, if every American ate the FDA recommended amount of vegetables per day, we wouldn’t have enough to go around!

We currently source our vegetables from family farms in Eastern North Carolina.

Biodiversity and farmer welfare are important to us at True Made Foods, but you’re not going to read any press releases from us on the subject. Instead, just read our ingredient statement.

Cook with Veggies. Not Sugar

Abe’s culinary background can be described as Southern Italian meets Southern Virginian. He learned to cook by making pasta sauces and corn bread, neither of which used added sugars in the recipe. None of his family recipes, passed down through generations, used sugar as an ingredient in anything that wasn’t a desert.

By creating naturally sweetened sauces like Ketchup and BBQ Sauce that taste better than conventional sugar-laden sauces and use no or minimal added sugar, True Made Foods hopes to encourage everyone to take a second look at their recipes and ask - is that added sugar really needed? Could we cut it in half? Or add carrots instead?