A True Made Thanksgiving 


We all love the Thanksgiving staples - turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce - but that doesn’t mean we all agree about what to serve that fourth Thursday in November. You’ve got that one aunt hinting at something healthier this year, your son complains that he eats too much stuffing and his wife is already full from her family’s meal before she even gets to your house. If you’d like to excite their pallet with something different, check out our list of unique recipes using True Made Foods. Bring something unique to the dinner table this holiday season.




Get out the fancy red and green toothpicks, we have a few delicious appetizers to serve at your Thanksgiving gathering. Who can resist a platter of cocktail meatballs? True Made Food’s Vegetable Ketchup contains butternut squash, a great compliment to the  garlic, parsley and cheese in this baked meatball recipe by Yummy Healthy Eats. Looking for something a little fancier? If you happen to have fresh, local shrimp available, put on your apron and whip up this fancy cocktail sauce from The Blonde Cook using our low sugar, Vegetable Ketchup.



Main Course


From prepping the ingredients to roasting the turkey for five hours, Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful and time consuming. Enjoy the special holiday by putting down the turkey baster and prepare this easy Layered BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole by Monique of Ambitious Kitchen. This is a healthy option to serve during the holidays and True Made’s Pitmaster Low Sugar BBQ Sauce can make it even better. “When selecting your BBQ sauce, I suggest going for ones that have natural ingredients” Monique tells us. Our BBQ Sauce has only 35 calories per serving and with just 5g of added sugar, it’s the healthiest in the category! We made this happen with a sneaky sugar swap using vegetables like carrots, squash and spinach to naturally sweeten, eliminating the need for corn syrup and brown sugar.


If casserole is not stunning enough to impress your guests, proudly drop a Holiday Brisket in the center of the table. Mila, the Girl and the Kitchen, serves up a delicious oven cooked brisket that calls for a whole bottle of True Made Food’s Vegetable Ketchup. This brisket will melt in your mouth and surprise your guests. Brisket is a favorite main course for all the Jewish holidays and is delicious served with potato latkes.


Football Game Snacks


Cocoa and cookies are non-negotiable during the holidays, but many will want to reach for a savory snack while watching the Bears and Lions play on Thanksgiving Day. This tasty nacho recipe from Bake Your Day is so easy to whip up and is topped with BBQ chicken, onions, cilantro and cheese. Yum! If you’re looking for something a little tidier, Eating on a Dime’s BBQ Little Smokies are a lot of fun in the crock pot. Just swap the Kraft with True Made’s Pitmaster BBQ Sauce.


What are your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes? Let us know in the comments

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