BBQ Pineapple Chicken

True Made Foods BBQ Pineapple Chicken

A quick and easy paleo-light recipe that can be adjusted and changed to taste. Feel free to pick and choose your own veggies or garnishes and substitute chicken breasts for legs.

Cooks in 45 min or less!


1 lbs. boneless split chicken thighs

½ bottle of bbq sauce

2 cups frozen or fresh cut pineapple

Veggies of choice


1. Add Chicken and BBQ Sauce to a ziplock bag, shake to coat.

2. Prepare a clear pan or baking sheet and lightly coat with avocado or vegetable oil. Preheat over to 425F.

3. Spread Checkin pieces out evenly in a clear pan.

4. Bake chicken thighs at 425F (conventional) for 30 mins or until internal temp is +140F. Always check meat for proper temps

5. Add veggies and pineapple to a bowl or bag and mix or shake to coat.

6. Add veggies and pineapple to the pan, and bake for 10 additional mins.

7.  Remove pan and garnish as desired or add to a bed of wild rice. Mix the chicken, veggies and pineapple and enjoy!

Recipe created by Fit with Dasha.