The Future of Food is True Made Foods

True Made Foods is making American food nutritious.

We use fresh vegetables like Carrots, Spinach and Butternut Squash to naturally sweeten our products and drastically cut back on added sugar, providing you with a tasty healthy alternative.

It started as an idea to help co-founder, Kevin, to eat more vegetables and it grew from there. When co-founder, Abe, was introduced to the idea of a vegetable based ketchup he was hooked, because as a father of four, Abe knew that a healthy ketchup is a parent’s dream come true. Abe was once a stay at home dad and spends a significant amount of time trying to ensure his kids are eating as healthy as possible. But, like many modern parents, he long-ago gave in to his kids’ demands for ketchup despite it killing him that his kids loved that “red-corn-syrup.”

True Made Foods has created a line of America’s favorite sauces for similar health conscious parents and food lovers that pack a cup of real vegetables into every bottle, drastically reducing the sugar and adding a nutritious punch.

True Made Foods is now a Veteran owned and operated company on a mission to help America eat better, because we understand that real flavor comes from real ingredients and that real moments are what make a meal complete.


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